Our Story

Cover up or Uncover it

I always want to feel and look good when I am in a swim suit, self confidence and the right vibes are so important to me, I want to show that to other people as well. I chose to create men’s and women’s suits because everyone should feel good and look dope - Mel

Uncovered was made to make you feel good in your skin, every body is different so every swim suit should be to. 

Mel started making swim suits because she wanted them to look different and fit perfectly to her body. The feeling of self confidence is very important to her, she wants to help other people feel that way in her creations as well. Stepping out of her box and beginning this journey with Uncovered has pushed her to learn and find that confidence with new and different experiences.

Following her passion to take the steps to build this brand helps give her that confidence to grow, she wants you to be apart of that and feel confidence to, in Uncovered Swim.