About Us


I started Uncovered to pursue my passion for design and creation. I taught myself how to sew through trial and error, it was a challenge to learn but I loved it! The main reason I started making most of my clothes is that I never wanted to look like anyone else and the pieces I created no one else would have. Another reason is I make my clothing to accentuate the curves on my body and I want to bring that to other women as well. The fit and feel of my clothing pieces are very important to me. It all starts from within but when you love the clothing you wear it brings a different type of confidence and I want women to feel confident and love my designs. I started the brand Uncovered to share my looks with women everywhere and to go after my dreams of creating my business. I love the fact that I make every piece by hand, the care for your garment is unmatched, and seeing my pieces on women, it hits different. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to go after my goals and I thank everyone who continues to support my brand.