About Us

 Cover up or Uncover it 

Uncovered was made to make you feel good in your skin, every body is different so every swim suit should be to.   




Mel started making swim suits for herself because she could not find one that fit her body the way she wanted, as most women are she is very particular when it comes to her swimwear, self confidence is something very important to her. She started sewing and making all types of clothes for herself but became very passionate about creating swimwear because she feels most confident when showing her true body and self. Uncovered was made to bring unique and sexy handmade designs to the swimwear world, she wants women to feel confident in her designs and to stand out, dare to be different in her bikinis. Hand making the bikinis herself allows Mel to express her love for her craft and care through the bikinis she makes for you. Don't worry about fit and feel, leave that to her when she creates the perfect bikini just for you and Uncover what you like... 


“ I have always wanted to look and feel good when I am in a bikini, self confidence and the right vibes are so important to me, I want to show that to other people as well. I chose to create women swimwear and launch this brand because everyone should feel good and look dope”